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Everyone with the surname Blodwell knows they are related to each other somehow!  Having started out on this research about 20 years ago I have been trying to link them all together and still haven’t managed it.  20 years ago, before the advent of online records, I wrote letters to parish councils, visited St Catherine’s House, contacted Blodwell families in the telephone directory.  With a break of about 15 years, whilst I was bringing up three new members of the Blodwell clan, I have now come back to the research and use online resources as well as visits to libraries.  The great thing about the social networking sites and online resources is that we can connect and share without waiting weeks for our post to get to each other.


As I work full-time it’s hard to find the hours and days that are needed to fit in visits to Kew, British Library, Shropshire Records office etc, but they are my next steps.


If anyone has any information, research or comes across the name - I’d love to hear from you!


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Latest News:

 I've just added the will of John Blodwell from 1634 - one of the best I've seen in that he lists everyone he's related to - brothers, children, grandchildren, wives of children and even a cousin or two.