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I have a couple of complete obstacles in my research of my Orwin and Smith family history.


1.Charles Henry Smith sometimes known as Henry Charles Smith or Chas.  Died in 1929 a rich man (millionnaire in today's world) but I have no idea where he comes from or where the money went!  He was a cattle dealer and married my Great Grandmother, Ada Ellen Andrews, in 1889 but I can't find any records of him before that. Some members of the family think he came from Bristol and others that he might have been a gypsy.  His father, on his marriage certificate, was Charles Smith so you can see how difficult it is to find him - my Mum has been looking for about 25 years!

2. Thomas Parker Orwin left his wife Isabella Kate Vines and lived with May Pope in Hendon and had several children from approx 1917 onwards.  No signs of a divorce from Isabella or a marraige to May.  Infact I can't find any May Pope, which made me wonder if she wasn't married as well before living with Thomas.

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 I've just added the will of John Blodwell from 1634 - one of the best I've seen in that he lists everyone he's related to - brothers, children, grandchildren, wives of children and even a cousin or two.